Our Story

This blog started out as our wedding website, but now that we’re married, we will use it as a time capsule, documenting our lives together. Thanks for reading!

Here we are right after I proposed to Kelly in Green Park, London on Saturday, June 5, 2010.

How We Met

Kelly: It was the summer after I graduated from UGA (2006), and I was living and working in Atlanta full-time. But I still had an apartment in Athens and would go back to visit on weekends until the lease was up that fall. It was on one of those weekends that I went to the Winery (a bar in Athens) with one of my roommates Maggie and her friend Leanne.

Leanne (don’t kill me for putting this on the internet!) saw Jason’s brother Dane, and thought he was cute but didn’t want to make the first move. So, with all of the audacity that comes along with cocktails, I introduced myself to Dane and then passed him over to Leanne. While they were talking, Jason struck up a conversation with me. We talked for awhile, I can’t remember about what, and he eventually asked me if he could give me his phone number. With brutal honesty, I told him that he could but I would never call him because I wouldn’t call a guy I met at a bar. So Jason went away and came back with Dane’s cell phone and explained that his phone had died, but he wanted to save my number in Dane’s phone to call me later. We went on our first date to Highland Tap a couple of weeks later.

Jason: I feel incredibly lucky that I met Kelly. So many things fell into place so that we would meet. First, Dad invited Dane and I to a party in his neighborhood in Athens. For those of you who remember Dad, you can guess that this is the only time this ever happened. After the party, Dane and I went downtown to pick up Dane’s girlfriend from dinner. Instead of Dane’s girlfriend coming out, Dane and I went in. The moon was in its proper place, the stars lined up, and I met Kelly!

How We Got Engaged

Kelly: We planned a trip to London starting at the end of May 2010. My friend Maryann was generous enough to let us stay at her apartment (er, flat) the whole week. The proposal happened the last Saturday of our trip, and we had just returned from a 30-hour quickie trip to Paris with Maryann. She had just left for a trip to Hong Kong (jealous!) so we were on our own for the first time. We decided to take it easy for a day, and take a break from the tourist attractions. We picked up lunch stuff at the Portobello Road market, and headed to Green Park for a picnic. (Green Park is located outside of Buckingham Palace, FYI).

We finished up eating (as well as polished off a bottle of wine) and I said to Jason, “Let’s take a picture!” He started rummaging around in his bookbag, and I just happened to be looking out of the corner of my eye…to see him pull out a ring box instead of a camera! From there on out, it was like an out-of-body experience or something, I couldn’t even believe this was happening!! So he asked me the big question, and I just started bawling (like in a good/surprised/shocked way). So after I managed to pull myself together, he put the ring on, and that was that! I had no idea that he was going to propose, am still kinda impressed that he was able to wait the whole trip before asking.

Jason: I knew that I would never have a better time and place to propose then our trip to London. I did some ring shopping for a few weeks, and then Dane hooked me up with a friend of a friend who had a diamond store. I found the perfect stone, and packed it away in two layers of Crown Royal cloth bags-the ultimate traveling protection. I followed my good friend Aleksey’s advice: “Dude, wait until the end of the trip to propose. That way, no matter what she says you can still have fun right until the end.” I’d like to give a shout-out to Mern for being so incredibly generous to let us stay in her home in London and for being such a great hostess.

Why We Picked Athens

Kelly: If you have been following our blog, so know that we looked literally all over Georgia to find the perfect place to get married – wineries, unique Atlanta venues, etc – but in the end, we decided that Athens should be the place. Athens is special for us because it’s Jason’s hometown, it’s where I went to college, and it’s where we met. We have so many years of great memories here, that it’s fitting that we would get married in Athens too!

Disclaimer: the venue, Thompson House & Gardens, is technically located in Bogart, GA, but it’s a quick drive to Athens, so it still counts.

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