Paxton’s Second Month

Blogged while Paxton is at day care, practicing for going back to work. Rip my heart out, y’all.

Some photos of the little guy:

4 weeks old, May 5: Parents First Outing! Chris Stapleton at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater while Grammi babysat. Jason bought these tickets as a pick-me-up during the end of my pregnancy when I thought that was rough (HA, joke’s on me).

Paxton slept through the night before the concert, so we were feeling great. The show was outside, it was rainy and freezing – but had such a good time. Even without a drink in my hand! I made us leave before Chris Stapleton played Tennessee Whiskey because I was anxious about not being able to pump/nurse for 4ish hours. We heard him play the song on the walk to the parking lot, sigh.


Waiting for Staci, with leg warmers on!

The next day, we had another appointment with Staci to continue addressing the jaw asymmetry.

Something went haywire with my milk production the next days/week following the concert. I was nursing exclusively the week prior to the concert (using shields). I didn’t know at the time that Paxton wasn’t getting enough milk by nursing. Anne/the LC thinks it was a combination of him not being able to generate enough suction (from the asymmetrical jaw and tongue ties) and the nipple shields. So my body stopped making milk (because it wasn’t being removed) thinking the baby didn’t need it. Ugh! I was despondent about this turn of events, especially because I thought we had been doing better with the nursing. Anne/the LC talked me off a ledge and helped with a plan to re-increase milk supply. Bless that woman!

5 weeks old, May 10: Pediatrician visit. Paxton was underweight at 8 lbs, 14 oz. So the doctor told us to supplement with formula after every feeding. I had started supplementing with formula before the doctor’s visit…mama instincts knew he wasn’t getting enough. I just wish I had figured it out sooner. Because the guilt of finding out that I wasn’t feeding my baby enough – that’s a killer.

Fortunately, Elizabeth connected me with her boss/friend Allison, who also had breastfeeding issues with her son (but not her daughter!). We had a long conversation two days before this doctor’s visit, and Allison finally convinced me that giving your baby formula will not hurt him and that formula-fed babies are FINE. Other people in my life told me the same thing too, but for some reason, I couldn’t accept it until Allison said it to me one evening. After our conversation, I felt this huge flood of relief that if Paxton had to have some formula, he was still going to be ok.

Two days later, we had another visit with Staci for more asymmetry therapy. This would turn out to be our last visit. She thought Paxton showed about a 50% improvement, not a 100%, but some. Due to Atlanta traffic, it ended up taking 2 hours to get there, the 45-min appointment (shortened because we were so late), and 2 hours to get home. I was so frazzled and Paxton was completely upset too – I can’t handle being away from home base for that long again.

One highlight of this rough week: I went back to OrangeTheory, but that was brutal too. Well, here are some cute photos of Paxton at (give or take) 5 weeks old!

We are still working on the at-home massages and stretches that Staci recommended. Paxton makes the cutest faces when we do the stretches – until he decides that he’s over it. Loves having the top of his head rubbed.

Mornings are my favorite times with Paxton. His tummy is full and he’s so sweet and full of smiles. The photos above were taken during one of our mornings together, as he sits with his back against my upright knees. (One of his favorite positions – thanks for the tip, Grammi!) Swoon!

My very first Mother’s Day was this week. Jason took my mom, Paxton, Minnie and I to a picnic at Emory’s park. It was a beautiful day, but man, we had a lot of stuff to shlep from the car. Might have to post-pone any future picnics until Paxton can carry his own weight. 🙂 I was hoping for some type of trinket that I could keep to remember my very first Mother’s Day, but Jason says I’m too hard to shop for. No gift for me!

6 weeks old: Another in-home appointment with Anne/the LC. It didn’t go well, Paxton was really fussy. She performed an exam and weight check (9 lbs, 4 oz, gaining weight, whew!). She thought Paxton’s jaw asymmetry was resolved enough to move forward with seeing a specialist about “revising” Paxton’s tongue and lip ties.  I called immediately, but couldn’t get an appointment with the one doctor (Dr. Bauer) in Atlanta that does the procedure until 2 weeks before I go back to work. I proceed to call every day to see if he has any openings we can squeeze into.

We also had back to the Piedmont Pediatrics for a weight check: 9 lbs, 10 oz. Still gaining!

Paxton got his second lifetime bath this month! He didn’t seem dirty enough to have one sooner, and I was exhausted. Go ahead, judge me. But isn’t Paxton adorable in his hoodie towel?

Paxton pooped on me twice in one day this week. He also got his first baby boogie! A couple of days later, I accidentally sprayed Paxton in face with breastmilk. Haha.

Elizabeth and Aiden came over this week – and brought me presents and lunch!

Look at how Paxton looks at Aiden! He is always captivated by pretty girls. And what good foreshadowing of how Elizabeth will look in a couple of months when her second baby arrives! (Doesn’t even look pregnant, does she?)

More “day-in-the-life” photos above. And yes, that’s Vann doing Paxton’s nails!


This dump truck of mulch would require days of back-breaking work for Jason, and lots of marital strain on us. Freaking mulch.

More day-in-the-life photos above. Look at P’s old-man hairline in the bottom right. And we should start a “where’s Waldo? (Minnie) game, because she’s hidden in the background of so many photos – which I adore.

Nana came for a visit! She made us a delicious lobster and steak dinner, per Jason’s request after a day of mulching. Thanks Nana!

7 weeks old: Parent’s Second Outing! Thanks SEY, for inviting us to Wild Heaven‘s Seventh Anni party!


I told you he likes pretty ladies!

We also had lunch with the ladies from Piece of Cake this week:

On Saturday, per Vann’s recommendation, I had a reflexology + AMI session at SoHA. Something about those sound waves must have triggered something loose – I started pumping about 2-3 oz more per day afterwards. Thank you Vann and Evie!

Most notable for me this week: Paxton starts smiling when he sees me!! Melt my heart.


Lunch with Aunt Tishie!

More day-in-the-life photos below:

8 weeks old: Jason’s 39th birthday! We spent the a celebration day in Athens, with Nana and great-grandma:


On the medical front, after numerous calls to Dr. Bauer’s receptionist, I finally determined that there is another doc in the practice that can evaluate and revise tongue and lip ties. We attended an appointment with her (Dr. Harmon) this week. After an hour wait (resulting in withholding food from P for two hours – per the doctor’s request), he was screaming bloody murder by the time we were able to see the doctor. Paxton was screaming so hard that capillaries burst in his legs. Awful. Never again will I follow “doctor’s orders” like that again. Lesson learned! Anyway, Dr. Harmon said that Paxton does have a moderate lip and tongue tie. But since I’m going back to work so soon – and breastfeeding will be only mornings, nights and weekends – we decided the procedure/recovery process wasn’t worth it. There it is. I really did try everything to get breastfeeding working smoothly, but it isn’t in the cards for Paxton and I. So, I continue to pump and supplement with formula.

Paxton’s Second Month Milestones and Noteables:

  • At about the one-month point, we moved Paxton to sleeping in his crib, instead of our bedroom.
  • He has a charming (?) ability to kick his heels into poops, as soon as you try to change him out the poopy diaper.
  • Poops turned green for a week or so this month. I guess because of the galactagogues I started taking to increase milk production.
  • We are seeing lots of smiles and – the best – open mouth smiles!
  • When we do nurse, Paxton crosses his legs at the ankle and looks completely chilled out and casual.
  • This is going to sound weird, but when I hold him with no shirt on, Paxton wiggles his big toe into my belly button.
  • Sticks out tongue.
  • Waves arms around a LOT.
  • When presented with a pacifier, bottle or nipple, Paxton shakes his head quickly from side-to-side and aggressively sucks it in.
  • He cries after every feeding, no matter how full. Paxton is taking 30 oz a day in bottles of breast milk + formula.
  • Pouts with lower lip out – my mom says I did (still do) this.
  • Paxton’s fontanelle pulses visibly. And you can see his skull molding together. Weird!
  • He bit down on my nipple once – so hard, I almost saw stars.
  • Paxton loves to look at ceiling fans.
  • He makes a funny cry-noise, sounds like a baby pterodactyl (not a typo – did you know it was spelled that way?).
  • Loves to try to shove his entire fist in his mouth.
  • Very vocal during tummy time.
  • Watches animals that dangle from activity gym. Later on the month, starts playing with the animals that dangle. And by playing, I mean punching them with his little baby fists.
  • From the shower’s freezer stash, we ate: chicken tetrazzini, Gena’s corn chowder, mom’s pasta sauce, Jason’s mom’s sausage and kale soup, baked ziti. All were yummmy!
  • May 25: starting to sleep through the night! Well, if you call sleeping 5 or 6 hours in a row “sleeping through the night.”
  • Minnie now demands a water cup be kept on our bedside tables, so she can have us give her water from the cup when requested.

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